It’s Monday again and, by now, we all know the best way to shake off those pre-work blues is to bob your head hella hard to a crazy tune or two. As if on cue, Starkey and Dev79‘s insanely innovative Seclusiasis label is here with a brand new, tempo-themed collaboration jam-packed with thick beats and heavy bass. Though far from a twerk themed affair, 100 will focus on the 95-105 BPM range; there are literally no other constraints, so expect a variation of fresh, forward thinking sounds from underground taste-makers like Bass ScienceGutta Kick, and Pleasure, as well as an appearance from World DMC champion, Shiftee.

While the crew is still gearing up for the full release of 100 this Friday, your ear-mouths can get a taste of what’s to come right here, right now, with our premiere California native CRIMES! submission, ‘Bodi Dem’. It kicks off deceptively, with sultry vocal chops floating amongst lush, airy tones; then the slow keys come in and you just know things are about to take a turn for the dark side. When the drop hits, waves of 808 goodness wash over you like a slow-motion tsunami while raw, warbling synth notes growl menacingly in the undertow. Think you can handle it? Press play after the jump to find out. You can also pre-order the entire release via iTunes if you’re feeling the vibes!


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