If you missed the video of Sarah Palin endorsing Donald Trump last week at an official press event in Iowa, then count yourself lucky. The former governor of Alaska and former VP running mate to John McCain gave an interesting endorsement speech to Donald Trump Tuesday last week that still has us scratching our heads.

Having one of the most reviled public figures in recent history endorse an already rather criticized campaign was never an intelligent idea, and now they’re both receiving a lot of flak for it.

One of the funnier and more lighthearted chides we’ve seen comes in the form of a ‘country EDM remix,’ the type that you’d hear in the early 2000s. To say it’s a true “EDM remix” is a bit of a stretch, considering its only EDM property is that it’s electronically produced, but we’re willing to overlook that for the sake of how much more ridiculous the endorsement sounds when you put a beat over it.

Keep in mind this is not meant to be any serious sort of production, but rather an admonishment of the Trump campaign and Palin’s endorsement therewith.