Radiohead. When it comes to such a timeless band, remixes and covers have a lot to live up to. Sure, we’ve seen some amazing interpretations of “Creep,” but not from the dance music world, and we can’t see how making a big room remix of “No Surprises” would go over well. Thankfully, no one has actually tried. However, when someone comes along and does a Radiohead remix justice, we want you to hear it.

LA-based Jeremiah Red has our attention. might be a familiar name to those on the West Coast. He’s the host of KROQ’s Roq N Beats show, and throughout his tenure he’s featured artists like Skrillex, Diplo, Muse, and The Game. Now, he’s tossed up a brilliant iteration of “Talk Show Host” that almost sounds like a genuine Radiohead production. The record is sultry, seductive, and has the feel of wafting through a smoke-filled bar. It’s the kind of track that might bode a late night cruise through empty streets after a rainy day.

Jeremiah Red