After several years in the works, Mat Zo’s sophomore album Self Assemble is finally right around the corner (despite it being pushed back to March 25th instead of the original February release date). Taking the time to speak with Billboard about the article, Zo dished on how Self Assemble would serve as a “send-off” of sorts. Here are some of the general talking points while the full interview transcript can be found here on Billboard.

The theme of the album is dystopianism and the writing process was closely rooted in him writing about his own life. In his own words, “it’s a story about the future. How technology will make everything immediate, yet as we reach the singularity, other problems will arise.” For people that follow him on Twitter this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all! Certainly the cover art fits along that theme and for Zo, serves as a metaphor for him “trying to find a way out of this EDM bubble.”

As mentioned in the title, the album may serve as a “last send-off before I go and do other things in life.” Mat Zo’s disenchantment with the EDM scene has been well-documented for sometime now. From leaking information about ghost producers to calling out big-shot DJs, Mat’s done it all but this may very well end up being his last rodeo. Fans shouldn’t be too worried though. “It doesn’t mean I’ll stop making music entirely.”

The interview coincided with the release of “Soul Food” the debut single which was released as a free download earlier in the week, Mat Zo shared some of the inspiration between the filter/French house number.

“I wanted to make a track that captured that emotion that I felt when I first listened to ‘One More Time.'”

Self Assemble, will be released on March 25 via his own imprint Mad Zoo.

H/T: Billboard