Really, Coachella? You’re not happy being the world’s highest-grossing festival, booking million-dollar acts, and consistently drawing a crowd over 193,000 for each of your two weekends? It seems that Goldenvoice, the producer of California’s world-renowned event, is not happy about Hoodchella using “chella” in their name. Honestly, that’s not too far from Paris Hilton trying to trademark the phrase “that’s hot.”

2016 marks the second edition of Hoodchella, and tickets are only $20 for the three-day event, while Coachella asks $399 for a three-day pass. It’s interesting to note that Coachella raised no qualms about the similar name for Hoodchella’s inaugural event, but now the festival giant seems to have a big problem with it, and they’ve issued a $100 million dollar lawsuit.

However, Hoodchella CEO Kamil Al-Ahdali isn’t backing down to the threat. He’s told TMZ that canceling the event is not an option, and he’s “not going to let Coachella punk Hoodchella at all.” In addition, Hoodchella is both a registered trademark and a registered LLC, so it seems Al-Ahdali has some form of legal backing on his side. And while it’s uncertain how the proceedings will play out, Coachella’s lawsuit has unwittingly given Hoodchella a big helping of free marketing.


H/T Magnetic Mag