SFX has caught enough attention over the last few months, but its transgressions against dance music make for too juicy of a story to stop reporting. Despite filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and erasing $300 million from their debt, and despite receiving $80 million in loans, the company still owes over $490 million to creditors, with 11 of the 13 largest ‘non-insider’ creditors being companies waiting for their deferred purchase payments.

Of the $490 million, $23.6 million will go to Holland’s Alda Events, $10.7 million to Australia’s Totem OneLove Group, $5.8 million to React Presents, and $10 million to Made Events. Between these companies are several of the world’s biggest festivals, such as Spring Awakening, Summer Set, Amsterdam Music Festival, Stereosonic, and Electric Zoo. This expansive list of debt shows just how dubious TomorrowWorld‘s return is for 2016, especially with no current plans to return. While SFX lists its assets at $661.614 million and debts as $490.236 million, Sillerman and his controlled funds account for 37.8% of the company’s common stock, despite his resignation as CEO. IQ Mag has given the best interpretation of these figures:

“This means that a large proportion of SFX Entertainment’s creditors are still deeply involved in the company – and have a vested interest in seeing it continue in one form or another.”

Digital Music News has acquired a list of many other creditors to which SFX Entertainment owes substantial amounts of money.

1. Mountain B.V. (Jeroen H.J. Preller)

Amount Owed: $11,682,500

2. Lewis Holdings B.V. (Jeroen H.J. Preller)

Amount Owed: $11,682,500

3. Paolo Moreno; Gabriel Moreno; Lawrence Vavra; John C. Hueston

Hueston Hennigan LLP

Amount Owed: $7,000,000

4. React Presents, Inc.; Clubtix, Inc.; Lucas King; Jeffrey Callahan

Harlan D. Kahn, Esq.

Bronson & Kahn, LLC

Amount Owed: $5,829,000

5. Mike Bindra

Mitchell Lambert, Esq.; Robinson & Cole, LLP

Amount Owed: $5,000,000

6. Laurie DePalma

Mitchell Lambert, Esq.; Robinson & Cole, LLP

Amount Owed: $5,000,000

7. Beggars Canyon Investments Pty Ltd., trustee of The Skywalker Family Trust

Amount Owed: $4,320,000

8. Nightlife Holdings, LLC

Amount Owed: $3,000,000

9. Winston Farm Limited Partnership

Amount Owed: $2,750,000

10. Hoeksema Holdings B.V.

Amount Owed: $2,511,465

11. The Deyson Trust

Amount Owed: $1,800,036

12. The Raff Family Trust

Amount Owed: $1,800,036

13. The F. Cotela Family Trust

Amount Owed: $1,800,036

14. Paul Hastings LLP; William Sullivan, Esq.

Amount Owed: $1,758,105

15. Wesselink Holdings B.V.

Amount Owed: $1,635,248

16. BDO; Thomas McLoughlin

Amount Owed: $1,156,295

17. The Robot Samba Trust

Amount Owed: $1,080,000

18. VistaJet US

Amount Owed: $1,013,974

19. Jan Willem van der Meer

Amount Owed: $792,173


Amount Owed: $641,440.27

21. A2 Live

Amount Owed: $540,138.64

22. Berco Beute

Amount Owed: $528,113

23. Steptoe & Johnson

Michael Rennock, Esq.

Amount Owed: $480,292.72

24. American Express

Amount Owed: $450,000

25. Epic Tents

Amount Owed: $442,648.17

26. Joe Rascoff

Amount Owed: $360,000

27. NetSuite

Amount Owed: $347,591.21

28. PRS for Music (formerly MCPS)

Amount Owed: $327,681.50

29. Postlight LLC

Amount Owed: $315,000

30. Facebook, Inc.

(David M. Serepca)

Amount Owed: $313,904.42

31. GAIA

Amount Owed: $309,645.48

32. Front Gate Ticketing Solutions LLC

Amount Owed: $301,385.91

33. Mabey, Inc.

Amount Owed: $290,329.73

34. Sunbelt Rentals, Inc.

Amount Owed: $282,358.23

35. Nachtlab

Amount Owed: $276,648.17

36. Prisa Mexico

Amount Owed: $273,577.91

37. Crowd RX

Amount Owed: $269,603.89

38. Galmiche Entertainment

Amount Owed: $257,573.45

39. Enterprise Rent a Car

Amount Owed: $250,645.68

40. Paxahau

Amount Owed: $222,436.21


H/T Dancing Astronaut