Boston-based artist Voltran has been a staple of the area’s electronic music scene for years. The DJ/producer recently released a solo remix of Yellow Claw’s “Bun It Up” as part of the remix-contest hosted by Splice, which truthfully blows the original out of the water. With the release of this remix and his debut EP, The Heist, on the horizon, Voltran is proving just how ready he is to take the industry by storm.

Things start off with a loud horn belting out under Beenie Man’s instantly recognizable voice, which work together to establish the foundations for the dark and heavy vibes to come. A simple yet effective interlude/build gives way to some massive synths and gritty bass lines, which make their way into the mix and unleash an unparalleled amount of energy. A half-timed section offers a bit of a break before reverting back to the faster-paced, aggressive sounds from the first drop, rounding this “Bun It Up” remix off as one of the best I’ve heard to date.

Stream the track below and click HERE to download for free!