Whether you like him or not, Calvin Harris is objectively one of the biggest names in dance music today. His albums and music regularly feature on the Billboard Top 100, often peaking at #1, and the company he keeps speaks for itself. Not to mention his ridiculous home that he’s selling for $10,000,000

But it hasn’t always been that way. Did you know Calvin Harris’s real name is Adam Wiles, and he used to bag groceries in his native home of Dumfries? Probably – that info has long been in circulation. But there are some other things you might not know about him.

Calvin Harris has turned down Lady Gaga.

Long before Lady Gaga was performing David Bowie tributes and singing at the Oscars, she was just another rising star like many of the top performers today. Years ago, she asked Calvin Harris to collaborate. He reportedly thought her name was “ridiculous,” and didn’t like the song, to boot. He still doesn’t regret his decision.

Calvin Harris cancelled last minute on Katy Perry.

At a show in 2011 in which Calvin was scheduled to open for Perry, he apparently cancelled last minute due to differences with her management. This left Katy Perry very upset and she went after him on Twitter.

Calvin Harris has a tendency to respond poorly to criticism.

After The Guardian wrote about Harris in a not-so-glowing fashion, the Scottish DJ and producer admonished the publication by saying that “rich people’s kids are getting good reviews because mummy f**ked the journo in the ’80s.”

For what it’s worth, Calvin Harris has also blocked our own account on Twitter.

Calvin Harris didn’t really lose his laptop in 2008.

During the recording of Ready For The Weekend, Harris claimed that he lost his laptop in his bag at a London airport, which contained the only copy of the album. It was later revealed that he, in fact, did not lose the laptop. He just needed more time to work on the album. But it certainly got him a nice bit of press.

Calvin Harris used to host a series called JAM TV on YouTube.

The series featured various musicians trying to open jars of jam. They’ve since been deleted, one can only guess why.

If you’re still not convinced, how about the fact that Calvin Harris now holds the record for Most Top Ten Hits From One Album for 18 Months, beating out none other than Michael Jackson.

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