One of the reasons we’re so excited for, and keep covering, new deadmau5 tracks is because of the mau5’s legacy as a producer and what that means for the future of his career. His Twitter tirades are such a small part of his overall identity – though the most obvious and visible – it’s hard for some laymen to remember that he’s one of the most talented producers still in the game. His love for analog and simple, yet layered sound design have been the impetus for many of his best tracks.

That simplicity is showcased in his newest upload, the short 1-minute clip of “Sick Days.” It’s a very simple progression, but it’s a clear demonstration of all things deadmau5.

We’re still left wondering what all of these new uploads will amount to in the end. There’s absolutely going to be an album at some point, and we’re hoping it’s this year. However, deadmau5’s penchant for just messing around with sounds is well known, so it’s entirely possible that none of what we’re hearing will be on the album. It’s also possible that these are actually just theĀ reject sounds, ones that he deemed not good enough for the album. And if that’s true, then that makes us ever more excited for the real thing.