Now, let me preface this by reiterating for readers the sheer volume of my support American-made drum and bass. For me personally, Patrol The Skies represents every passionate and dedicated effort a label can aim for in support of their artists – all bolted down into a well-greased mechanism. Could you ask for much more as a producer searching for a label?

That being said, let’s move onto the good stuff. Today, I’m here to review the team’s most recent single from Noisefloor entitled “Space Gutter.” While the title tune “Hiding In Plain Sight” feat. NVDR is also an indisputable neck-cracker, this one specifically grabbed my undivided attention and forced me to tighten my already fastened seatbelt. It begins with an unparalleled surprise factor established by a victim’s (listener’s) predetermination of how the tune will unfold from the introduction. Its soft, arpeggiated prowess leaves an unknowing audience a deadly, ticking time bomb on their door step, selfishly anxious to implode all over the house and its inhabitants (you).

SMACK. The drop’s accent to an unsustainable drum pattern leaves a signature precedent to any and all still conscious from the mayhem of the drop. What else could you truly ask for in a drum and bass tune?

This monster is available for instance purchase here: