More than nine months ago, The Chainsmokers created a song that would go down in 2015 history as one of the most played out and highly regarded tunes of the season. “Roses” reached its height on Billboard‘s Top 100 List when it made it all the way to #6. Now, the duo has sat down with the publication to give fans an inside look at the complete crafting process behind the hit track.

According to the duo, the entire song was written and produced in under eight hours. After receiving completely unrelated vocals from singer Rozes, they decided to rework them around their own track and create something entirely new. Andrew Taggart hopped on a simple mic set up, he said, and began to sing subtle overlays for her main vocals. Inspired by work from band Grouplove, the result became a fluid blend of both of their unique voices alongside matching synths.

Watch the full interview below, and witness an inside look at the meticulous production process behind one of the most popular tracks of the last year.


Source: EDM Sauce