We haven’t covered a Conro release in over 3 years, and since then, his sound has changed drastically. Beginning as an electro house producer, Conro was able to push his way onto both Wolfgang Gartner‘s Kindergarten Recordings and Dyro‘s WOLV fairly quickly. While on WOLV, Conro began to experiment with future bass, debuting a full change of style with his remix of “Bittersweet” by Dyro and himself.

Earlier this year, Conro made his debut on Monstercat with “On My Way Up,” a future bass track that featured a much brighter and cheerful sound than anything Conro had released before. Since this sound seemed like such an outlier in Conro’s discography, I assumed we wouldn’t be seeing him back on the label anytime soon. I, however, was wrong. Less than 3 months later, Conro has returned with the heavy-hitting “City Lights.”

Although still within the bounds of future bass, “City Lights” is much different than anything we’ve heard so far from Conro, even stretching away from the style in his recent remix of Justin Bieber‘s “As Long As You Love Me.” The vocal addition from the talented Royal only serves to complement the track’s dark, harmonic nature, bringing a lovely element that the instrumental couldn’t have provided on its own. Although this isn’t my absolute favorite work from Conro, I’d say he’s really getting somewhere with this sound.

Listen to “City Lights” and buy the track below:

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