This week, bass music extraordinaire Cavalier took a turn from his recent string of laidback and downtempo releases to unveil a fiery and upbeat trap remix of Tunji Ige and ILOVEMAKONNEN’s “Don’t Do Too Much.” Featuring a faster tempo and a constant series of dissonant plucks, the flip comes as a satisfying and minimally produced reinvention that makes sure to preserve powerful lyric structure that made the original track so effective.

It starts with a distant swell of sirens and a simple clap series, before the full percussion section enters the space. A warm, rumbling sub bass rests below tight hi hat rolls and a sharp snare. The track’s vocals quickly take center stage while the plucks iron out a basic melody for them to follow. After a short respite, where many of the elements are stripped away and replaced with calm, melodic pads, the energy is reintroduced in full force, resulting in a second verse even more impactful than the first.