Other than his incredible remix of “The Hills” by The Weeknd, RL Grime has been uncharacteristically quiet in 2015. There was a remix LP of Void, his debut album from 2014, but not much else in terms of original content – until today.

RL Grime just dropped “Aurora” a couple hours ago and we’re already hooked. It sounds a lot like what a Baauer and RL Grime collaboration might sound like, with some Flume influence to boot. Plenty of hip hop influence made it onto the final mix, featuring percussive leads and ethereal sweeping synths, though we’re really blown away by how crisp the drums sound in the mix.

While the first drop is already stellar, the second turns it up a notch with some perfect drum fills.

And the music video is even cooler – RL Grime threw a weather balloon into the upper atmosphere with a camera and just let it do its thing. There’s hardly any real “editing” to speak of in this, making it one of the cooler “one shot” videos out there. You can even see RL Grime recovering the camera himself at the very end of the video.

Check it out below.


Photo via Sam Muller