What is it with DJs and hot air balloons lately?

Ever since 2014, when we saw Swedish duo Dada Life take to the skies during their Dadaland: The Voyage performance, it seems that members of the dance music community have been continually trying to outdo each other in finding┬áthe strangest places to play DJ sets. From Skrillex and Noisia’s set on top of a 75-foot crane in Amsterdam to the upcoming Secret Solstice festival set inside a dormant volcano, it appears that the boundaries of “safety” and “reason” are constantly┬ábeing broken.

The latest effort, and perhaps the most exciting for viewers, has just been undertaken by DJ Magda. During Switzerland’s Caprices Festival last week, the Polish performer rose in her own hot air balloon along with 15 guests to play out an hour-long set above the clouds. During the ride, 360-degree cameras were installed so that those of us unlucky enough to miss out can experience the journey with full control.

As the set plays out, viewers can drag around the screen in all directions. Whether you want to see the sights or study Magda’s DJing prowess from up close, the video below is truly the first of its kind.