Imad Royal has really made a name for himself as a solo musician with a string of successful singles, outside of his Soysauce project, and now it looks like we’re blessed with the first round of remixes for “Down For Whatever”.

Hailing from Austin Texas is production duo Bronze Whale known for their “Sexy Whale Sounds”. Now, I’m not quite sure what sexy sounds a whale can conjure, but based on the music these two guys have been putting out I really wouldn’t mind finding out. I’ve heard some people say future bass can be a hard genre to “get into”, but if you know anybody who says that be sure to send them this song. Bronze Whale work around Imad’s vocals perfectly crafting delicious synths and displaying some great for nifty production reminiscent of Soysauce interestingly enough with that perfect R&B/future bass styled crossover.

Grab yourself a free download here.

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