(Original Photo By: Olav Stubberud)

Knowing that what you create has the power to make others happy and take them on an emotional journey that they carry with them for a long time is a very special feeling that not everyone gets the chance to experience. Australian producer/DJ, Thomas Jack has been able to do that and more since the start of his career, and fans just can’t get enough of the tropical vibes.

Although he didn’t start making music until he was away at boarding school, growing up on a dairy farm by the beach was the perfect setting for Thomas to begin cultivating his environment that would one day become the music we know and love. Once he relocated to his school in Sydney and started making music, the idea of it becoming a career was still a dream kept on a shelf.

“I always dreamed about it…like…fuck, that would be so cool, but now actually doing it is pretty awesome. It’s kind of surreal.”

When his manager Myles Shear contacted him about moving to the States that dream officially started its path towards reality. However, there were still some obstacles that Thomas had to overcome. Developing his sound and creating what he loved while trying to refrain from sounding too repetitive was a significant hurdle. There was a time where Thomas felt the need to take a step back from releasing music and rediscover the sound that he loved working with— something that perhaps more artists in the industry should be conscious of as well.

“I still love the genre I’m playing in, but I think it needs some change. Several years ago it was more of a niche House sound, but today it’s like ‘lets put a top 40 vocal over it and add some sax.’ I still love it, but I think this style of music needs to go in a different direction if it wants to have longevity. The commercialization of a genre can really kill it, but I feel like with this genre there are so many elements that it can grow from. There are so many ways it can go that there just needs to be someone willing to push it in a different direction rather than converting it to Pop music and that’s what I’m really passionate about. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I can’t get it to go that way, so I think that’s been one of my biggest battles. I’ve been trying to do what truly makes me happy in the music industry. I don’t want to look back in two years and think ‘well fuck why didn’t I make that change back then’ or ‘oh I should’ve done that.’ So I want to produce and release what I want to and also keep the fans happy, you know? But now it’s almost there, and it’s awesome.”

For Thomas, the best way to get inspiration is by going out and having fun with friends and attending other events and festivals. Hearing tracks with elements that reflect the vibes he felt while he was out socializing and enjoying himself is a major part of passing that feeling on to his own creation.

The best way people can have that experience with Thomas’s music, however, is not necessarily at the mainstage of a festival.

“I feel like everyone is now so focused on playing huge gigs and headlining festivals. Honestly my favorite thing is to play a club with like 300 people. It’s so much more intimate and I feel like that’s been lost a bit in this culture. I just want to make people happy and walk away from my shows thinking they experienced something really inspiring. Not just ‘oh that was fun.’ I want it to be special to them and take them on a journey. That’s why I love playing super long sets that are like five hours.”

As important as music is to Thomas Jack, taking care of the environment is also high on his list of priorities. Growing up so close to the water and creating so much of his art from the tropical elements that coincide, staying conscious of the environment is imperative. As Thomas puts it, there are so many people that love the ocean and feed off of the energy it brings, but at the same time they’re destroying it. So many people in this world cherish the ocean so we must pay better attention to it before it’s too late.

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