If you have been on the hunt lately for a melodic track that will help your mind drift to a far away place, up and coming artist Steello has got exactly what you’re looking for.

Patrik Sandberg, otherwise known as Steello, spent a significant amount of his music career playing a variety of other instruments, but has recently taken his talents to the world of DJing and producing. With such an extensive background in the extensive world of music, Patrik has developed an incredibly well-trained ear which is clearly reflected in his latest release “Faith” with Zinity, featuring the intoxicating vocals of Sanna.

Although the feels don’t stop there, as Steello, Zinity, and Sanna felt it was necessary to have all the proceeds from this release donated to the Children’s Cancer Fund. After all, having “faith” is all about the courage to keep fighting, no matter how the odds are stacked against you.

Check out the ambient uplifting track “Faith” from Steello, Zinity, and Sanna below!