I got to sit down with Bosnian-Swedish producer/DJ Salvatore (Ganacci) before his first ever performance in Los Angeles at Create nightclub this past Friday night. Salvatore has been on a roll lately with two completely different tracks, “Flags!” with Sebastian Ingrosso, one of the biggest names in the dance music scene; and the far more outside-of-the box “Dive” which features none other than famed new age singer Enya.

You’re an artist who is not defined by genre, tell me a little about your musical philosophy and how you approach producing.

“You know if you were to ask that question to Mozart, that’s the answer I’m going to give you…I don’t know. I just love music, and if I catch a vibe off anything I’m just going to sit and do it for like 2-3 days straight and nothing else, just do it, finish it, it’s done. If I don’t catch a vibe, and I can feel after maybe like five minutes, so everything is about vibes, positive vibes.”

So you’re good at picking out the vibe real quick, you know whether this is something you want to do or not?

“Exactly, if it’s a remix, if it’s a session it’s like that. Whatever it is you can feel it pretty quick, whether or not it’s for me.”

Your newest track “Dive” features Enya, a legendary artist, but probably not on a lot of EDM fans radars, how did this come about?

“First of all, I love Enya and that type of music, and number two I love when the Fugees came out with “Ready or Not.” And then Mario Winans song, also a sick one, “I Don’t Want to Know,” remember that one? That one was like 2000-something, so the 80s Enya, the 90s Fugees, and the 2000s they’re going to remember Mario Winans, and then it’s me, the next one. But, she loved the track, we sent it to her, she loved it and just wanted to be a part of it, that’s cool. I was really honored to have her be a part of it, she’s a legend.”

On your other new track “Flags!” you collaborate with Sebastian Ingrosso. How does your approach in the studio differ when you’re working with a well established EDM artist like Ingrosso as opposed to something like “Dive” which is totally different?

“Basically it’s the same vibes, first of all me and Ingrosso have so much fun when we’re working and we laugh like 80% of the time, and we just jump around in the studio, just having fun. So that’s the main thing. And that guy, he can lift up a session really to it’s full potential, like that (snaps fingers) because his aura is so, everything is just…he’s like okay let’s do this, let’s do that, and I’m also like that. So we click, I love working with him.”

You were born in Bosnia and you live in Stockholm, Sweden, and you have an Italian name?

“You want to know how I got the name? I was playing soccer back in the day, and then my style of play was very Italian and I have long hair. When I used to go up and do a header my hair would strike the opponent’s eyes so they couldn’t see. So my friends started calling me Salvatore Ganacci, Ganacci is not even a last name, if you Google it you can’t find anything on that, so it was just an imaginary name. It’s my alter-ego. A lot of things I do are inside jokes, so we take things that me and my friends joke about and make them official. And, a lot of people they don’t understand like is this a joke or not, what is he doing? Some things are very serious but people think that they are jokes.”

Stockholm is home for you now, tell me how the scene there has influenced you, especially since there’s such a legacy of Swedish music?

“It’s been great, first of all it’s the weather, it sucks, so you’re always in the studio, you just lock yourself in. You just lock yourself in the studio and work, and of course a lot of talented people come from Stockholm and Sweden, so you get a chance to work with them. It’s a little bit like L.A., everybody’s out here, that’s how it is in Stockholm as well, everybody’s there, and everybody knows each other.”

What can your fans expect from you this summer and where can they see you on tour?

“I’m going to be playing a little bit here and a little bit there. I’m going to be in the States, I have some shows, and I’m going to be in Ibiza playing as well. A bunch of shows in Europe as well, so a little bit everywhere. But, for May I’m going to be in the States a lot.”

What’s an album you’re listening to that you’re fans wouldn’t guess you like that type of music?

“I love listening to Ennio Morricone, I love listening to that kind of music, Hans Zimmer, those people inspire me very much. Something modern… Mura Masa, some stuff like that, and Garmiani inspires me as well, he’s a friend of mine, we always vibe. But I love score music, movie theme songs, you can hear it in the Enya track, you catch a vibe off of it. That’s important to me, to catch a vibe when you hear something, and that’s what I get from movie scores.”

Any other words or messages for the fans?

“I would like to say I love you guys; And a lot of people wonder, if you’ve seen my Instagram, where I have Bobby Sixkiller the Native American? I think that people should check that out.

If you want in on some of Salvatore’s inside jokes, make sure to follow him on Instagram @salvatoreganacci & check out his newest track “Dive” featuring Enya and Alex Aris below.