Consumer Physics just unveiled SCiO, the world’s first molecular pocket sensor, and it’s a game changer.

They’re touting its ability to scan every object and identifying the molecular content of the world around you like never before. While the video below specifically targets the possibilities regarding the content of foods and nutrition, the applications are seemingly endless, but one statement on the SCiO website has our attention.

“[SCiO mobile app includes] applets that provide insights about objects you scan such as dairy products and painkillers. New categories updated periodically.”

That bit about painkillers is particular interesting, and allows for speculation on applying SCiO to the world of pill testing and drug education. Especially considering their available licensing to develop molecular sensing according to your own applications, it seems quite plausible for SCiO to offer an alternative to traditional pill testing sites at festivals.

“The SCiO Development License provides access to a single software account that enables you to develop molecular sensing models and mobile apps based on these models. These models and apps can either identify objects (such as gemstone types) or estimate certain values in objects (such as calories in food).”

Have a look below, and click here for more details on this incredible device.