Two weeks ago, Deadmau5’s official Soundcloud page was hacked by self-proclaimed “security group” OurMine. Along with total control over his Soundcloud account, they also reportedly gained access to his connected credit card information. OurMine even went so far as to send Joel an actual bag of dicks in the mail, and he turned his rage toward the streaming service itself for not having Two-Factor authentication as part of their site’s security.

Today, it appears that OurMine has taken their activities to a different echelon. Facebook creator and international iconĀ Mark ZuckerbergĀ woke up to hacked Twitter and Pinterest accounts that had OurMine’s name and behavior written in plain sight.

According to one tweet sent out by OurMine through Zuckerberg’s Twitter, despite millions spent on his digital security, the hackers appear to have access to a database of LinkedIn information. Many believe that this is how the group has been able to invade the accounts of such high profile targets. Since the initial breach, Zuckerberg’s accounts have been restored.

Check out screenshots of the hacked accounts below, and be sure to add a capital letter to the front of your passwords now.