F.O.O.L is no stranger to Monstercat. With three singles, an EP and a remix under his belt, as well as two EPs under the moniker Falcon Funk (his side project with Biggie Charles), F.O.O.L’s music has definitely been well-received by the Monstercat community. His last Monstercat release – the melodic “Need You” – absolutely blew up, quickly becoming one of his best-selling tracks. As a big fan of the track, I was curious to see what F.O.O.L was going to do with his next release.

Fortunately, that next release came in the form of “Showdown,” a string-heavy, French-house-inspired electro smasher. Opening the Monstercat 028 era, this track is a breath of fresh air for fans who were starved in Cataclysm, which only had one electro house track on it. “Showdown” also features a lot of elements from the Falcon Funk project, with a huge funk breakdown halfway through the track, which fans of the project will go nuts over.

Listen to “Showdown” and buy the track below:

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