Jeff Montalvo, whom the electronic dance community knows better as Seven Lions, has been busy with a vigorous year of making and performing music. From releasing his latest batch of music in the form of the Creation EP to most recently headlining one of the stages at Sunset Music Festival, the dubstep/psytrance mixologist reveals a new take one of the singles in his now two-month-old EP.

The original version of the song “Coming Home,” which features Mike Mains & The Branches and a more folk-inspired production, is revamped by the man himself and Miami producer Ricky Mears. Together, they take this pop-flavored track and give the song an electro-anthem rendition. The two versions begin with the same guitar lead, but the festival mix changes the melody and synths used in its drop to deliver a greater resounding effect you can expect to hear for concerts. Much like his most recent take on “Falling Away” with Lights that was originally a progressive house song, the “festival mix” takes a louder and equally uplifting approach to its original counterpart.

To many fans who may have entered the Creation EP and thought, “Man, not every song here is melodic dubstep,” then you might be listening to Seven Lions for the wrong reasons. Much of the music in Jeff Montalvo’s recent projects are trying to break away from the mold of typical EDM while simultaneously embracing electronic music in innovative ways. This is where songs like “Coming Home (Festival Mix)” are special nods to fans who want to experience what Seven Lions performances feel like versus his studio EPs.

Regardless of what drives you to listen to Seven Lions, check out his latest take on his newest record with Ricky Mears and let us know what you think!

Beatport: Seven Lions feat. Mike Mains & The Branches – “Coming Home (Seven Lions & Ricky Mears Festival Mix)” [Casablanca Records]