Extended sets are something of a rarity in dance music these days, though they do pop up every once in a while. Acts like Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Loco Dice and more have made a point of promoting extended sets for their use in “telling a story” over the course of a night. Not for the faint of heart, an extended set can often convey a richer experience than a 50-minute set interspersed with calls to “fucking jump.”

Now, Tiësto has announced that he will be doing an extended, six-hour set for this year’s annual Amsterdam Music Festival as part of ADE.

Now, this is noteworthy because of Tiësto’s current style of music. Can you imagine a six-hour set composed of just main stage, commercial music? It’s hard. So what if Tiesto was doing some kind of special classic house set, or, God forbid, a six-hour trance set?

Nothing has been said about his set other than the duration, so everything here is just speculative. However, why not now? His fans still love his old trance records, and what bigger stage and opportunity than a six-hour set at one of the most important dance events in the world?


Image via Rukes