Since my first and only time seeing Beats Antique live three years ago, I’ve always held a great respect for their creativity and performances. If nothing else, their brand is extremely entertaining and never without something to pay attention to.

They’ve translated that motif into their latest music video for “Killer Bee” featuring Lafa Taylor. First off, the video has a story, so it’s already miles ahead of most other “creative endeavors” out there. Second, the story is actually pretty easy to follow and highly engaging, begging viewers to pay attention and not miss a thing.

If you like the track, you can grab it on iTunes here.

Beats Antique are currently on tour, including appearances at Electric Forest this weekend and Red Rocks the following Friday. More information and tickets can be found here.

Beats Antique are also featured on TOO MANY ZOOZ’s new album ‘Subway Gawdz’ on the track “The Block,” out Friday, June 24.

They are hosting a contest where they are giving away tickets to ALL of their shows (except festival dates). More details can be found here: