Marshmello has just released his official video for “Alone” on Monstercat, and it’s a nostalgic trek back to the murky waters of adolescent popularity.

Right at the video’s onset, Marshmello tosses in a bold reference to his beef with Deadmau5, which is doubly pointed considering the track title. But once that’s out of the way, it’s off to surviving the rigors of typical high school life. After enduring his fair share of bullying and getting shut down by his crush, the outcast Marshmello gets discovered DJing in his bedroom.

Once word gets out that the fluffy candy knows how to drop a beat, the craze rapidly spreads through the campus, and the entire body of haters turns into Marshmello’s biggest fans. It’s definitely a lighthearted video, but there are certain themes that can certainly be taken as an allegory for Marshmello’s rise to being one of the most talked about producers in the scene. Have a look below, and see what you think.


Source: Dancing Astronaut