Remember that movie Project X where some teenagers threw a massive party while their parents were out of town? It seems Malibu, CA is about to host a real-life version of that, and some big names might be getting involved.

Dubbed Project X: Los Angeles, this massive party is being thrown on July 22 by someone only known as “White Rabbit.” It appears White Rabbit is a teenager who claims his parents are away in France, and their vacation has led White Rabbit to open up their “Malibu Mansion” to a massive amount of strangers. According to the Facebook event, there will be a number of features, including:

– 5 DJ Booths
– 3 Inflatable Bounce Castles
– 20+ Bars
– Luxury Pool
– 4500+ People
– Decorated House (think Gatsby meets Disneyland)
– Live Performers
– Fireworks
– Laser Show
+ much more

Check out the Facebook event right here. 

And if things couldn’t get any crazier, The Chainsmokers have hinted their interest in attending, tweeting out their support for White Rabbit.

Check out the official Facebook event page HERE for more details!