There hasn’t been quite a meteoric rise in the EDM ranks like Marshmello‘s, who went from unknown producer to near-headliner in the span of just a year. The enigmatic producer’s appeal stems largely from his powerful branding, which has become one of the most recognizable efforts in all of EDM. But, his well-produced future bass tracks continue to make a mark on the genre and his fans, especially an unreleased track he has been playing in recent sets.

Thanks to a casual tweet from the man himself, we now know the title and singer behind the mysterious ID taking crowds by storm. Titled “Ritual” and featuring singer/songwriter Wrabel, the new track is a perfect example of Marshmello’s current direction: future bass production with pop vocals. The mysterious producer announced the track title and vocalist, as well as the fact that it’s releasing on OWSLA and that it’s his favorite track that he’s made yet, on a Twitter video from his recent opening gig for the Future Now Tour with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas in Sunrise, Florida. Watch the awe-inspiring video below:

On the marketing side, Marshmello also shared a video of him once again revealing his alleged “identity.” Much like when he jokingly revealed his identity as Tiësto at EDC Vegas, Marshmello posted a Twitter video of revealing himself as none other than Kourtney Kardashian. He brushed off the reveal shortly after posting the video by expressing gratitude for her being a fan, but there’s bound to be some confused fans and news outlets in the coming days. Watch Marshmello “reveal” himself as Khloe Kardashian below: