Canada reigns supreme! Canada Day saw the country’s most prominent dance music star Deadmau5 briefly step aside and allow two other fellow Canucks the spotlight with a two-hour long mix on Mau5Trap’s Apple Music Beats 1 radio show.

The first guest ATTLAS, who actually played host this week, is currently signed to Deadmau5’s Mau5Trap imprint and the second guest was former label signee Eekkoo who released an EP on the label in 2014. ATTLAS kicked off the first hour with his newest single “Ryat” and proceeded to take us on a music journey of an hour with future bass, techno, house, and everything in between. In addition to showing his fellow label signee Matt Lange some love, ATTLAS also threw down some Tame Impala before closing it out his new remix of Rihanna’s “Needed Me”.

Next up on the guest mix slot is Montreal-native Eekkoo who’s been making waves as one of the new techno artists to watch. Stylistically, he probably sticks to the catchy tagline that he’s been using for his own mix series – Techno Is Not What It Seems. Eekkoo’s hour featured a lot of, you guessed it, techno. In addition to featuring a lot of his own music naturally, he also found time to sprinkle in some Jonas Rathsman, Feed Me, ANNA, and much more.

Stream the mix below and check out the tracklist here if a song catches your ear.