After another spectacular edition of EDC Las Vegas, Pasquale Rotella unveiled a massive surprise earlier today. Starting with Snapchat and spreading the news onto his other social media outlets, the CEO and founder of Insomniac Events took a video of the apparent location for a new music festival that will launch in 2017.

The video that is titled “New Venue. New Festival in 2017” displays a pinewood forest atop a bed of lush green grass. Other than that, there is not much more information on this new music festival. We’re not even sure if it is going to be another electronic dance music festival from what little is given from this teaser, or something more like Life Is Beautiful. Without festival dates, whereabouts of the location, or even a name, we’ll have to keep an eye on Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Events‘ socials in the future to get a better idea of what this new project will become as it fleshes out.

Check out the video here and let us know where or what this music festival is going to be!

Sneak peek on my Snapchat story ☀️?⛺️

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