Back in January, we shared news of Kaskade’s #6Questions campaign, where he asked his biggest supporters six questions in an effort to share their stories with the world. The first feature of the campaign was with Colleen Burns, a driving force behind Kaskade’s early career long before he reached his current level of fame. As the founder of Kaskade Konnect she was known as an incredible personality within Kaskade’s fandom, and helped countless others find solace through dance music. With such an influence on our community, we’re deeply saddened to hear of Burns’ passing.

Now, Kaskade is sharing his thanks for having Ms. Burns in his life and for getting to know such a wonderful spirit. Though he hasn’t explicitly said so, we can imagine his recent release with Alicia Keys has been released with her in mind. Our hearts are with Ms. Burns’ family and friends during this time of grief.


H/T NY Post