It’s been a few weeks since we broke the news that Myon & Shane 54 were officially breaking up, each in pursuit of their own solo careers. We’ve been on edge, excited to hear what was to come from each of the guys, which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce that Shane54 is relaunching the widely popular ‘International Departures’ show, which also begins syndication next month!

As you may remember, International Departures held a very special place in our hearts, due not only to the excellent mixes but also to the highly anticipated mash-ups aired. Shane54 has confirmed that with the re-launching of this show, you can expect to hear brand new and exclusive mash-ups each week! As he puts it:

“When it works, a good mashup makes your hair stand up on end. All of a sudden one and one makes ten, and these songs are elevated to a different dimension.”

In celebration of the relaunch, he is also giving away a selection of FREE mash-ups from the last few episodes, drawing tracks from a few of our favorites like Seven Lions, Morgan Page, and Stoneface & Terminal!

Listen and download the Shane54 ‘Mash-ups Vol. 1’ pack below: