As the situation regarding DVBBS at Balaton Festival continues to unravel, new eyewitness testimony provides damning evidence against the Canadian DJ duo.

New testimony provided to Bors by one of the women involved in the incident paints an ugly picture of what went on in the artists’ green room. She confirmed that they were invited to the green room, but their only intentions were to take some pictures with DVBBS and get their autographs. “But then,” she said, “we drank something and that image was shattered.”

She continued, “They used, fooled, and ambushed us and we can not find the words to explain what happened.”

According to Magnetic Magazine, “the Somogy county police department has [concluded] after a medical examination of the girls involved in the case […] that rape had [not] occurred.”

Further testimonials from the women involved claim that DVBBS’ manager blocked re-entry to the room after some girls had left. One girl was trying to get to her friend who was still in the green room and the blocked the door. Another girl allegedly came out “crying, afraid, and not knowing where she was,” and then ran to the bathroom to continue crying.

Police are still investigating the incident as more evidence and testimonials come in.


H/T Magnetic Magazine
via Bors | Image via DVBBS