Deadmau5 has a fascinating new partnership with NVIDIA that has spawned a new short series called “The Deadmau5 Project.” The end goal of the series will see Joel will five new, custom-made NVIDIA inspired computers that will be absolute beasts under the hood – however, that alone doesn’t make for an entirely exciting story except for the gearheads at /r/buildapc.

Instead, The Deadmau5 Project intersperses segments of PC building and modding with stories from Joel himself. In this episode, he reminisces on old mau5head designs in his storage unit, bringing up more than a couple that are retired or not in use.

For what it’s worth, the computers really are going to be absolute beasts. They’ll contain top-of-the-line NVIDIA components and will out-perform any out-of-the-box PC with ease (though, honestly, that isn’t all that difficult).

Check out Episode 2 below (see Episode 1 here) and wait for Episode 3 on Friday!