Former Lazy Boyz founder Departures has teamed up with Your EDM once again, premiering a brilliant new track that showcases the versatility and skill behind the Departures project. Following the release of the heavier “Back Here Again,” the new tune, “Home,” takes a softer approach to electronic music, maintaining a similar emotionally charged atmosphere while bringing a completely different sound profile.

The track starts off with some poignant guitar work and vocals, which were both recorded by Departures specifically for “Home.” These work together to craft the more subdued ambience this track sets out to communicate, with little to no sacrifice of intensity. The first ‘drop’ relies on a simple yet effective drum line to drive the track forward, allowing some light piano and string work to fill in the empty spaces. Layered cuts of Departures singing “take me home” can be heard over all of this, smoothly coming together to hit you hard in the feels. An unembellished interlude allows the focus to shift towards the vocals, launching the listener into a meditative state as they decipher the lyrics while a half-time second drop adds some variation to the mix.

The feelings that Departures relays through his productions show just how dedicated and attached to the craft he is, as “Home” is a deeply introspective track that really exudes tangible emotions. Overall, it is a brilliant piece that should not be overlooked.

Stream the track below and be sure to grab your free download HERE!