We here at Your EDM have been covering Orno since basically his beginnings in 2014. We covered a trio of songs of his – Wayfinder, Oathkeeper, and Worldseeker. The three created this vast and complex world in music that, for a producer as unknown as Orno, was quite astonishing.

Since then, Orno has been relatively quiet, finding his sound. About a week ago he sent me his new EP, Ascend. Immediately, I felt that same wonderment and immersion as that original trilogy so long ago, yet this time the sounds were clearly more mature and more refined. Another noticeable difference in his sound is the now quite obvious parallel to Porter Robinson. Many before have abused his style to try and hop on a bandwagon, whereas Orno uses Porter as more of an inspiration, and runs away with his own unique style.

One look at the waveform on “Ascend” and you can discern its purpose as an intro. “Torn” and “Solace” act as two side of the same coin; whereas “Torn” is brash and rough, “Solace” is smoother and softer. “Unity” is the clear epilogue, wrapping everything up. I would have preferred some kind of continuation of the piano chords before the bridge at 3:25, maybe at a higher pitch, but that doesn’t really tarnish the track overall.

Though not very well known yet, Orno is definitely a breath of fresh air in the sea of Porter imitators. I highly recommend Ascend to anyone looking for “sounds like Porter Robinson” without trying to be a carbon copy.

Ascend is available now on iTunes and to stream on Spotify.

Get it on iTunes: https://itun.es/us/BW3Udb
Stream on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ascendSP