I’m still not exactly sure whether k?d is a moniker for an experienced producer looking for some room to get creative under a pseudonym or just someone completely new, but either way the dude has been killing it since he popped up on our SoundCloud feed last fall.

As far as I know, “Discover” with vocalist RKCB marks the producer’s debut label release and he couldn’t have picked a better label to debut with. PRMD Music has displayed time and time again its innate ability to spot talent a mile away and nurture it. The single is beautifully produced with layer atop layer of shifting and textured soundscapes shaped by RKCB’ s silky-smooth R&B influenced vocals. I can’t help but think that there’s so much more to come from k?d as he continues to redefine the ‘future R&B’ sound in a way that few other producers can even comprehend let alone produce.

Check out the track below that was exclusively premiered by Billboard.