This week KANDY sat down in the studio with the cofounder of MetaPop, Matthew Adell, for the first installment of their series titled “Art of Remixing.”

Hosted by Icon Collective Production School, the three-part series covers all aspects of the remixing process, opening doors for aspiring artists across the board.

“I like to change things up a little bit because it’s always good to give [artists] something different. You don’t want them to hear the same thing.” – KANDY

MetaPop’s approach certainly puts them ahead of the pack when it comes to traditional remix competitions, as they make sure all of their stems are made available for free. Going the extra mile, MetaPop makes sure that all remixes come pre-approved, as well, to avoid takedowns.

Over the course of the series, KANDY walks us through the entire process from working with stems, incorporating vocals, and overall creating a new sound that still utilizes elements of the original.

Watch the first part of KANDY and MetaPop’s series “Art of Remixing” below!

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Video By: Nate Vogel