Late last month, Skrillex and Diplo supergroup Jack Ü put up their long-awaited remix package for their 2015 original, “Mind,” featuring Kai. With flips from the likes of Wiwek, Oshi, Malaa, Happy Colors, Ekali & Gravez and BASECAMP & Mark Johns, the remix EP saw the original work fully explored across the dance music spectrum. As a track that’s been played out relentless ever since its initial release, fans were given the opportunity to acclimate themselves to the soaring vocals and bubbly melodies all over again.

Now, more than a week after the Jack Ü remix EP was put out, two more official remixes of the classic track have surfaced on Soundcloud. The first comes from producer 4B, and sees “Mind” chopped and morphed into a pounding jersey club rhythm with pumping vocal cuts and a thundering percussion section. The uptempo, club-