Music festivals are places where folks go to relax, unwind, get loose, and enjoy themselves, that’s no secret. Festival security is a necessary part of the deal, and the people manning checkpoints and making rounds have everyone’s best interest in mind, and at some events they’ll actually get to enjoy the music for themselves once off-shift. However, it seems the security force at this weekend’s Moonrise Festival took cruel advantage of their position.

According to Magnetic Mag, who broke the story, multiple accounts have surfaced claiming members of security attempted to extort attendees for either money or drugs, threatening to cut their wristband if they didn’t comply. Not only does this kind of activity severely detract from an overall experience, it is indeed quite illegal.

Several who attended Moonrise have taken to posting in the closed Moonrise Festival 2016 Facebook group about their experience with select security guards. Moonrise has not yet given an official statement regarding the incidents, but if these accusations are true, this is more than serious.

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Source: Magnetic Mag