We’re keeping a close eye on Bakermat this year, as his sounds just keep getting better and better. With a release just out on Ultra Music featuring the talented Alex Clare, we spoke to the Dutchman to hear more about the single.

How did the collaboration with Alex Clare come about? Were you already a fan of his work?

I’m a huge fan of ‘Too Close’. I heard it the first time on the radio when I was driving my car and it stood out from all the other tracks. Such a fresh and unique style of singing and writing. I immediately felt the urge to work with Alex. Our labels hooked us up and we started working together!

What’s your current studio set up looking like? How do you like to work?

I have a very basic setup, it’s just a laptop with an extra screen, some monitors, a midi keyboard and a good sound-card. I don’t work with any hardware synths/modules because it’s too tempting for me to play with it too much. It’s better for my efficiency to keep it basic. I barely download any new synths/software either because I find it more important to master the current stuff I’m using.

What are three must-have records in your DJ bag right now?

Tiga – ‘Let’s Go Dancing’ (Eats Everything Remix)

Bakermat – ‘Living’ (Extended Mix)

SAINT WKND – ‘Lost’ (Fabich Remix)

What else do you have planned for summer 2016?

It’s a super hectic summer, so I will barely have any time to go to the studio. I have an Asian, European and USA tour planned and will attend most major festivals. It’s ok though, cause I did a lot of producing in the beginning of this year! There’s about five records ready to be released anytime.

How does where you are in the world affect your music?

Travelling and hearing new sounds is part of my creative process. For instance I was walking through Ho Chi Minh City the other day and saw a street musician with an instrument I never heard of. I googled it when I came back to my hotel room and started making a song with it right away. That’s fresh creativity and it can help me make my sound more unique!

How has ‘Living’ gone down with fans so far?

It has been going down very well! I got a lot of positive messages and comments about the track. That means a lot to me since I always try to be surprising and pioneering in my productions. Living is a bit different than what I usually do, so it makes me super happy to see my fans dig it!


Grab ‘Living’ here.