The Chainsmokers are on a roll like never seen before in the world of EDM; and though “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down” were undoubtedly huge hits, “Closer” with 21-year-old vocalist Halsey might be their best work yet.

In an interview with EDM Sauce, Alex Pall revealed that the idea of the song had been conceived by the duo listening to classic middle-school dance bands while on their bus tour last fall, which prompted Drew to write a song lyrically similar to a lot of the pop-punk of the mid-2000s. While the result might be a little more scandalous – having sex with your ex only to immediately regret it – you can certainly see the where the inspiration comes from.

The duo also noted the hand that producer Shaun Frank, who played support on The Chainsmokers’ Friend Zone Tour, had in the track working with Drew’s vocals. “Closer” also marks the first time that Drew has sung on any of their releases .

Stream it below and read the full interview here.


Source: EDM Sauce