This last week has been a busy one for Jack Ü, traveling from festival to festival across a few different countries. But it seems that the heyday of Jack Ü is about to come to a close… at least for now. In a tweet early today, Skrillex informed his followers that this last round of dates would be the last of the Jack Ü festivals for 2016… “and for a long long time,” he added.

What does this mean for the future of the group? Well, historically, when a group announces that they’re going to suspend touring for a while, it’s to create new music. And considering Jack Ü is comprised of two of the heaviest touring musicians in electronic music, we can only guess that they’re working on their late Jack Ü EP (remember, it was promised in Spring this year). There’s also the forthcoming Major Lazer album Music Is The Weapon that probably needs to be finished. And who knows… maybe we’ll get the first Skrillex collection since his Recess LP in 2014.

There’s also the question of whether this means Jack Ü will still tour at all. After all, the tweet only mentions festivals, not random tour dates – they’ve played a few here and there, San Francisco prior to Coachella, for instance. However, if not touring means new music, we’re willing to sit out the next few months.

For what it’s worth, they went out with a bang. They played new material including their long-anticipated collaboration with Florence Welch at Reading Festival. Check that all out here.