If you don’t know the name by now, shame. Shame. Shame. Sam Ownglow, the young prodigy formerly based in The United States, now in London it seems can’t shake the spotlight these days. With a massively successful debut EP on Hospital Records, the world is at his palms. With worldwide support ranging from the legendary BBC Radio 1 Resident Radio DJ Friction all the way to the underground DJ’s representing your hometown events, expect nothing less than extraordinary beats aligned with pristine performances from the young gun himself.

That being said, of course we had a sit-down with him to chat all things drum and bass.

Hey Sam! Always good chatting with you. How’s your summer been?

It’s been wicked! Have been out and about a lot attempting to enjoy the British sunshine, although staying productive and writing! Picked up skating again so stay tuned for numerous injuries broadcasted through my socials.

Give me your top 3 highlights of the summer off the top of your head, QUICKLY, GO!

1. WeAreFSTVL, playing right before Logistics and having a vibey time with the Hospital crew!

2. Fred V & Grafix dropping their new album

3. Performing on top of a 2 story high pirateship/crows nest at Standon Calling Festival!

We all know how much the EP has taken over our summertime playlists. What is your personal favorite tune, and why?

Personally, my favourite is “Angels Sing”, I remember writing it the day before we went to Respect, on the train up from San Diego and it has always just had such a beautiful impact and meaning for myself! Only U (Real Quick) would have to be the follow up as it is the most recently written one!

If you had to name your top 3 influences in writing those tunes, what would they be?

Logistics, Netsky, Dawn Wall most definitely!

With the success of your breakout EP, can fans expect anything else in the near future?

Another EP dropping at some point in the near future! Hoping to put out a few collaborations as well! Working on finishing a few remixes as well which are nearly ready! I have a remix dropping on Universal come end of the month for Karen Harding & Tough Love

Are there any…. collaborations, you may speak about?

I don’t know actually, but prepare yourselves because they are sounding quite vibesy! I’ll drop the first letter of the name of a few of the artists

L, K, B

Lastly, any final words for your dedicated fans over at Your EDM?

Big up everyone supporting and pushing the D&B sounds, big up @BLAKEMUSICNZ for the SIIIICK feature on the record, big up Consouls, Wraith, and everyone The Database for always crushing and working their tails off to represent what this music is. Peace!

There you have it folks. Don’t forget to purchase the entire release here.