Whether its your favorite festival or one you’ve never attended, Ultra Music Festival is a powerhouse in the dance music community, competing with names like EDC and HARD as one of the most known names in dance events. Making its roots in the Sunshine State back in 1999, the festival has only grown with rave reviews, magical experiences and performances that have made music history. On the wake of Pendulum’s reunion featuring the one and only Tom Morello at UMF 2016, and in the middle of their Asian expansion of the fest this year, Ultra has announced a great way to give back to their loyal fans.

Introducing the Ultra Passport, festival attendees are being rewarded for their patronage and hard earned money they choose to spend on the fest. Between premiere ticket access, access to special Ultra Passport offices, rewards for attending the fest overseas and more, this seems like a great way to repay loyal fans and show that the fest is ultimately about the experience and the audience. You can check out the full post about the Ultra Passport below, and if you find yourself on the Eastern side of the World don’t forget to check out one of Ultra’s Asia dates this Fall!

Ticket registration for Ultra Music Festival 2017 is now open! Go here to register.