Big Gigantic and GRiZ are known friends and collaborators, as their careers have seem them come together on more than a few occasions. Last year, GRiZ launched a strain of weed called “GRiZ Kush” and it seems like Big G will follow suit very soon. The group took to social media today to announce the release of their very own strain called “Cookies & Dream,” which is a potent hybrid of the extremely popular and well-established strains, Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies.

For those located in or near Denver, now is a good time to start getting ready. The strain is set to drop at 4:20PM at Native Roots Dispensary and was curated by none other than Dom of Big G himself. I have high (hah.) expectations for this strain, as Blue Dream and GSC are arguably two of the best overall strains out there. They have consistently failed to disappoint over the years; walk into any dispensary and 9.9/10 times their Blue Dream will be on point. I expect Cookies & Dream will be closer to the sativa-dominant side, as Blue Dream is known to be sativa-dominant and GSC is more of a 50-50 hybrid.

Check out the announcement below and if you’re lucky enough to be in Colorado, go out and get some for yourself!

[H/T: EDMSauce]