It’s been said before on here, but remixing a classic is a very tricky endeavor. Especially when it’s a track by deadmau5. However, a rip of Feed Me‘s remix shows that it can be done!

This remix is one of the reported inclusions on the Mau50100 remix EP that will feature countless flips of the classic by huge artists such as Com Truise, Lane 8, and the mau5 himself. Lucky for us, a Soundcloud user ripped Feed Me’s remix from the Matisse and Sadko radio show and put it up on their account.

Feed Me is undoubtedly a talented artist, and his “Strobe” remix has proved it once again. The track begins similar to the original with a down-filtered saw synth playing mirrored notes as the original tracks alongside Feed Me’s own unique variation. A clap comes in to set the beat while the saw synth opens a little, keeping the track in the same vein as deadmau5 would. The drop comes in hard and heavy featuring Feed Me’s iconic bass sound design. The warping bass is broken up with synth squeals playing the melody introduced in the first section of the track. In the same manner that deadmau5 would construct a track, the end of the drop builds with a massive rising synth and cools off into an iteration of the original “Strobe,” slowed down. Feed Me continues to build on the original melody, bringing in new elements to propel the song forward. The second drop plays out Feed Me’s variation on the original melody, mixing in some elements of the original track as well.

Overall, Feed Me kept the original feel of the track intact and made it into his own; in other words, a flawless remix. Check out the breathtaking remix below.