Any time away from hearing dirty disco pioneer Throttle is always far too long. Throttle doesn’t ride the wave; he’s the tide that creates the wave. He is one of the producers who breaks down the barriers of what music is supposed to sound like and goes beyond that notion to create something genuinely ingenious and refreshing.

Whether you have been following Throttle’s music or career for a few years or a few days, you will be quick to notice that the full vocal release of “Money Maker” featuring Lunchmoney Lewis and Aston Merrygold has been something the avant-garde producer has been dying to share with his fans for sometime now.

Stream the full vocal version of “Money Maker” below:

Last time I sat down with Throttle it was during his second show in New York City with Oliver Heldens, and he seemed happier than ever. Today I got another opportunity to talk to the budding producer about everything ranging from his strenuous touring schedule to his favorite place to play, and his debut music video coming out very soon!

You just put out your biggest original track, which will be paired with an awesome music video coming out in the following weeks. Do you feel a sense of pressure now that all eyes are on you to see what’s next?

I don’t think so, it’s been such a ride getting this track out. It has been months in the works, all the pieces are finally coming together now and that pressure is sort of gone for me. I’m already focusing on the next single and the single after that as far as production goes, so there’s not really any pressure, but yeah I am just really enjoying the ride.

How was the experience making the music video for “Money Maker”?

It was awesome! It was my first proper music video; super 70s inspired with all the disco references and the overall color and the griminess of the video. There were two days of shooting the video, and I was there for the second day. It’s a really funny video; there are a lot of naked people everywhere I think its hilarious. It should be out pretty soon.

How is the next single coming along?

Right now we’re working on the next single, it’s completely written and we’re just trying to finish up the features. I think once those are locked in and once we finish vocals then we will start looking at ideas for music videos, and I have a lot of them.

You’ve been touring all over now, what is your favorite city or place to perform?

Oh that’s a tough one, the crowds vary in all the cities that I play, but I think my favorite was in San Francisco at Audio On The Bay or at San Bernardino at a festival called We Are NRG. They are the smaller festivals, like a one-stage festival where there are six or seven acts throughout the day. People there just have fun, and the disco stuff goes down really well. 

What are some dream festivals, cities or venues that you would really want play?

It’s a tough one. I played Tomorrowland this year, which was incredible. I would love to headline or play the main stage at Tomorrowland in the next couple years, that would be amazing.

Has the touring life taken any tolls on you yet and if so what are you doing to maintain your well-being?

I just started getting really fit, which is super key as well as eating healthy, which as you know is really difficult in America sometimes. Eating healthy and exercising are super key for me, catching up on sleep wherever I can whether it’s on the plane or just before a show. I imagine that things will kick up again after the “Money Maker” music video and some more singles come out so it will be harder to adapt to an even more intense touring schedule.

Anything really big coming up soon career-wise that you would like to share with us?

I am going to be doing a little showcase with a full live band soon, which is going to be amazing. It will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube through Spinnin’ Records. It will be 20 to 30 minutes long to showcase what I can do with a live band, and it will be the first time ever performing with a full live band. It will take place somewhere in the heart of Amsterdam during ADE, somewhere along the river or one of the canals.

Not only has Throttle just released the full vocal edit to “Money Maker,” but he should also be releasing his first ever music video in which he personally stars in very soon! Be sure to stay posted with Throttle by following his socials media platforms to see when the music video gets premiered.

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