The tables were flipped on Deadmau5 earlier this week when a potential copyright dispute actually saw someone else on the offending end. That “someone,” as was pointed out by Zimmerman himself was Erik Fink of Harkonnen Entertainment, former tour manager for Krewella.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by user @SONYEDDIE, a clip can be seen from a Tigerlily event in Austin, Texas showing DJs atop an almost mirror image of Deadmau5’s cube design. As a piece of technology that Deadmau5 and his team had poured their hearts into for years, he said that witnessing someone try and create a cheap copy was simply “heartbreaking.” Suffice it to say, Zimmerman wasn’t going to let this slide.

Fink quickly owned up to creating the knock-off cube, transferring all the potential hate and blame to himself, but it didn’t stop Zimmerman from expressing his disappointment.

One Austin-based DJ, Nick Twist, jumped to Fink’s defense with a series of his own tweets aimed more at insulting Zimmerman than addressing the issue at hand.

After one of the most tame and measured debates in Deadmau5’s conflict-laden Twitter history, he responded to one tweet to say that he and Fink had resolved the issue.


H/T: Magnetic Mag