Following the release of The Weeknd‘s new single featuring long-silent French duo Daft Punk, the pair of robots have just resurfaced on an allegedly leaked flyer for the upcoming Lollapalooza Chile installment.

The photograph was posted on Reddit via the r/DaftPunk subreddit on Thursday, and has already sparked conversation regarding the long-speculated trend of the group’s decade-spaced touring schedule. The first tour was in 1997, followed by one in 2007. If the pattern continues, Daft Punk will embark on tour again in 2017.

Despite the convenience of this rumor however, we can’t be sure as to the validity of the “leaked” flyer. On the skeptical side, the timing is just too perfect for such an alarming development in Daft Punk’s career. Whether their schedule will include tour date announcements and more music is yet to be seen.

Check out the flyer below, and see for yourself.